We are a family that love to enjoy life together. We are all from different walks of life and cultures, but in Christ we are one. We love meeting together to worship Jesus Christ while enjoying Holy Spirit's presence. Our passion is to seek His Kingdom first.

We value the presence of God with us as He surprises us with miracles and His love. When we worship together we know that He is with us. We love our King and desire that His Kingdom will come on earth among us. We love to see peoples lives changed as they encounter Jesus. He often heals and touches peoples lives in a beautiful way. We especially love praying for our visitors. If you feel you need prayer please feel free to join us. Father gives good gifts to those who love Him!

If you would like to join us for a meeting or need more info please call the office or email us.

Meeting times

Sunday 8:30 am. Pre-service prayer meeting

Sunday 9am in Mtuba at our building

Sunday 18:00 twice a month Encounter Evenings at our Building

Tuesday 15:30 Connect groupĀ in Ndlovu Village

Wednesday 18:30 Connect groupsĀ in Mtuba

Fridays 16:30 to 17:30 twice a month Bible Study at our Building


Building Buildings

Mtuba Christian Acadamy is growing quite rapidly and is currently building new classrooms. Please could we ask you to stand with us in prayer that all will go well and we will have all the classrooms ready for the new school year next year.

New Bible Study "Concise Theology"

We have a bible study class on every second Friday. Please contact the office for more info.

House of Prayer

Our library and prayer room is coming along nicely. If you are looking for christian books and study material or a quiet place to pray during the week the prayer room is open Monday to Friday from 8am till 3pm If you would like to come in and pray and read at other times please arrange with the office. This House will be a house of prayer for all Nations.