We believe that every believer is called to leadership. Parents lead their families at home and have a vital role in bringing future generations through to maturity in this life. We further believe in the Eldership being the safety net for leadership roles to function to their fullest. Elders/Overseers are seen as fathers who lovingly lead the church to know Jesus better and also ensure that things are run with integrity and transparency. We further believe in the five fold ministries that Jesus has given to the church. The Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers and are seen as ministers to the church to equip the saints to See the Kingdom, Enter the Kingdom and Spread the Kingdom of the Father!

Our heart is to see everyone flowing in what Jesus has for them to do. To do this leaders need to have and make space for learning and growing in gifting. Grace Community Church family are on journey of discovering how this all fits together as one body seeking our King so that His Kingdom would come on earth as in Heaven. Our desire is that the river of God would flow from us His temples and bring kingdom fruitfulness and healing to the nations!


Connect Groups:

Princess September leads our Tuesday group in Ndlovu Village. She has a real heart for others to get to know the freedom that knowing Jesus brings.

Sheron Fraser leads our Wednesday group in Nordale. She has a deep longing for more of God and that others would encounter Him in a special way.

Lawrence Hurter leads our Wednesday group in Mtuba. He has a heart for encountering Jesus and prayer.

Collin September leads the youth on Friday. He has a heart for worship and seeing others come into a deep place of intimacy with Jesus.

Worship Teams:

Our worship teams are led by Esther Hurter and Collin September. We love worshiping our King who is worthy of all glory and honour.

Prophetic Team:

Tudi Galloway, Esther Hurter and Nothile Ntenga form the core of our growing desire to be a prophetic people. They are forerunners in the prophetic. On Sundays we have time after the worship service for you to be ministered to by the team.


Our Eldership consists of Lawrence Hurter and Geoff Galloway. Together they love and encourage others to flow in what Jesus has called them to be and do. Lawrence is married to Esther and they have three children. Geoff is married to Tudi and the also have three children. Lawrence and Geoff are praying and working on growing the eldership in the future because of prophetic words that have been spoken over us. We need more elders for the future that Jesus has planned for us. Please could we ask you to pray for us in all of this.

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Regions Beyond

We are part of the Regions Beyond family of churches. Regions Beyond was birthed from and is part of the Newfrontiers movement of churches. We are going from the nations to the nations together with our other churches from around the globe. www.regions-beyond.com